Using Biofeedback and Neurofeedback to Take Your Life to the Next Level







At Curative Via we are Board Certified to coach your
brain to a healthy balance, your stress to a
manageable place, your health to a higher plateau,
and your game to it’s optimal level. We use
Biofeedback, Neurofeedback, and Stress Reduction
Training to help you achieve your goal. All natural,
organic, non-invasive, all you!

We personalize your coaching depending on your
individual goals. It can can include overcoming sleep
issues, pain relief, reducing anxious thoughts, driving
without your heart racing or regaining your focus.

Handling stress in a healthy way is instrumental to
our programs. Everyone has it, what differentiates
us is how we deal with it. It can be as easy as
breathing exercises to lower blood pressure or tools
to eliminate anxious thoughts. Learning to relax your
body and your mind has a serious impact on your
health and your performance. Take control of the
body you left to chance in the past.




   “Meditation for Menopause”  
  Enable and Empower Yourself
   to deal with this change in our
   5 week small group instruction.  
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   Join Debbie Vyskocil  to learn
   powerful tools to help with  these
   and everyday stress issues.

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“Using Science To Take Control of
Physical and Emotional Health”
  Our goal is to bring you to a naturally, healthy
  place and teach you how to keep yourself there.

The positive “side effects” our clients are reporting include
better sleep quality, great focus, reduced anxious thoughts,
reduced or eliminated pain,  lower blood pressure, increased
control of diabetes, fewer asthma attacks, fewer headaches,  
less  tension in neck and shoulders, eliminated  panic events,
reduced  absenteeism,  positive thoughts,  motivation,  
Reduced symptoms of depression, sense of calm, elimination
of buzzing in head,  reduced ruminations, calm and
organized speaking engagements, reduced or eliminated
smoking, better team work, higher creativity of  team,
stellar soccer matches, fabulous golf games and unlimited
successful free throws.
Biofeedback: The Path to Wellness
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