Using Biofeedback and Neurofeedback to Take Your Life to the Next Level


The body naturally moves to homeostasis.  
Anyone can learn to help their body return to a healthy
state and become a partner in their own well being.   


Literally, biofeedback means monitoring physical responses and
making guided adjustments in the thought process until the body
can react in the desired way. The objective is to develop conscious
control over normally autonomic physiological functions. For
example, in thermal feedback, a sensor in a subject’s hand reacts
when subtle changes in the blood flow are effected by altering
the thought process, thus allowing the subject’s hands to change
temperature, typically becoming warmer. With practice this
technique will enable an individual to control those physiological
responses quickly and easily. The warmer the hands the more
relaxed the client.

Biofeedback instruments are highly sensitive devices that are
used to reflect control over physiological processes. They are
typically used in conjunction with mind-body techniques such
as deep controlled breathing, muscle relaxation, visualization,
word repetition, or meditation. Since a relatively large change
needs to occur before the conscious self notices, the instruments
register small changes that point to the correct procedure for
each individual.  With this knowledge and practice, significant
changes can occur.

Heart rate variability (HRV) is the balance between the
Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS) and the Sympathetic
Nervous System (SNS).  Heart failure reflects the input of the
SNS  to the heart is dysfunctional.  Our clients learn to increase
their HRV through breathing and visualization restoring a
healthy balance thus relaxing and optimizing the body.


Neurofeedback is brainwave biofeedback, because of the
neuroplasticity of the brain a client learns to rewire their
own brain using feedback derived from their EEGs.
Neurofeedback is based on basic and applied neuroscience.
Listening sensors are placed on the scalp and attached to
a computer program to interpret the EEG and feed that
interpretation back to the subject. A course of protocol is
decided upon depending on the objectives. With the
assistance of a neurofeedback coach each person learns
what works for them to meet the desired specifications
and through repetitive firing the brain learns and re-hard
wires itself.  When the desired frequency is fired the
computer will respond with a beep thus telling the
conscious mind and the brain of the success.  It is
well established in science that a positive reward for a
behavior is followed by an increase in the probability of
that behavior recurring. The idea of neurofeedback is to
alter the electrical activity of the brain to then change
the underlying effective states.










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Biofeedback: The Path to Wellness