Using Biofeedback and Neurofeedback to Take Your Life to the Next Level




                           Focus, not easily distracted

Concentration helps make people more powerful.  When focus is missing our
attention wanders. It is difficult to finish a project, a book, or a conversation.
We use neurofeedback to bring you in focus. Many times when concentration
is difficult the brain is out of balance and an excessive amount of slow waves
are firing, making us scattered. By reducing those waves the brain focuses
naturally, without effort.

When we focus our energy is channeled like a laser beam. Next time you line
up that shot, notice how much concentration it takes. If your mind wanders
that ball can end up anywhere, but with focus you can put it in the net, on
the green, anywhere you want it.  

Sometimes the brain is out of balance.  It can be a long term condition, caused
by emotional events, result of substance abuse, or just unknown circumstances.
You notice that reading those journals is not as easy, studying for that exam
unbearable, or completing a company report impossible. Don’t just chalk it up to
the result of your experiences. Do something about it.



There are different names/diagnoses for it and lots of
medications for it, but simply it is lack of focus. What
could be better than a long term solution that is natural
and organic, one that doesn’t involve taking pills the rest
of your life? Because of the neuroplasticity of the brain  
the changes you make are long term changes.  We can’t
say permanent because as we are learning, nothing in the
brain is permanent, you are always able to make new
changes.  (That is what our work is based on) But it takes
work to make those changes and studies are showing that
20 years out the changes made with neurofeedback are
still holding strong with many clients.

Though “tested for long term use and side effects”,  how
reliable is that really? How many times have we seen
medications recalled after 10 or 15 years?  Doesn’t a
natural approach make more sense, one in which you
make the changes, not some outside




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